After completing my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Agriculture, I moved to UK to pursue my PhD in crop genetics from the University of Nottingham, UK where I established my foundations of molecular biology. The advent of next-generation DNA and RNA sequencing in the early 2010 have got me interested in using these technologies for understanding many aspects of Plant biology and with this interest in mind, I joined Dr. Julin Maloof’s lab at the University of California, Davis as Postdoctoral researcher. I learnt many aspects of next-generation sequencing right from optimizing the high-throughput RNA and DNA sequencing protocol to developing pipelines and novel tools for building RNA-Seq assemblies. To apply my computational and programming skills full-time, I joined CyVerse as Science Analyst. CyVerse provides life scientists with powerful computational infrastructure to handle huge datasets and complex analyses, thus enabling data-driven discovery. At CyVerse I develop novel computational processes that let researchers integrate tools and algorithms into CyVerse’s computational infrastructure using Docker and Singularity

In addition to my My current research mainly focuses on integrative analysis of Big Data using high-throughput methods on advanced computing systems. As scientific computing is becoming indispensable for Big Data research, I started building a community to develop and propagate a set of best practices, including continuous testing, version control, virtualization, sharing code through notebooks, and standard data structures. Along these lines, I am a Software and Data Carpentry certified instructor, a member of the Bioconda Team, and part of a nationwide team devoted to standardizing best practices for reproducible data analysis.