After completing my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Agriculture in India, I went to UK to pursue my PhD in crop genetics from the University of Nottingham, UK where I established my foundations of molecular biology. The advent of next-generation sequencing has got me interested in the field of Bioinformatics and so I joined as a Postdoctoral researcher in Dr. Julin Maloof’s lab at the University of California, Davis where I developed genomic resources for Brassica rapa. Later, to apply my computational skills full-time, I joined CyVerse as a Science Analyst where I developed novel computational processes that let researchers integrate tools and algorithms into CyVerse’s computational infrastructure. I have a deep background in Genomics and Bioinformatics with a specialization in applying predictive analytics across a varied set of biological problems.

I am currently a head of Data Science at Greenlight Biosciences and as a leader in the field of bioinformatics and data science, I drive a team of Data Scientists and Bioinformatics Scientists to use cutting-edge technology and machine learning algorithms to tackle complex biological problems. Our focus on RNA and dsRNA allows us to make impactful contributions to the development of vaccines, biopesticides, and bio fungicides. With a passion for bridging the gap between genomics and deep learning, I also dedicate my time to teaching and spreading my knowledge to others. As a certified Data Science instructor at Carpentries and Datacamp, I share my expertise in Data Science, programming, and software technologies such as Git, Docker, and Singularity. My ultimate goal is to empower others with the tools and skills needed to tackle the toughest challenges in genomics. I am the author of the book Deep Learning for Genomics which is aimed at introducing Deep Learning to the genomics field.